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TiVo Service Number

The TiVo Service Number (or TSN) is the 15 digit code that uniquely identifies easy TiVo DVR. This code is what TiVo uses to attach a service plan to any TiVo DVR. The code is embedded electronically in a chip on the motherboard of each TiVo. It is also printed on the back of each unit on a label generally surrounding the power supply, and it is available in the System Information screen of the unit.

The first three digits of the TSN are the same for all units of the same model, and in many cases, across slightly different models, in the same family.

TSN Manufacturer TiVo Model
000 Philips HDR110, HDR112, HDR212, HDR312, and HDR612 (14, 20, 30, or 60 hours)
001 Philips DSR6000, DSR6000r, DSR600r01
002 Philips HDR112 – HDR612 (14, 20, 30, or 60 hours)
010 Sony SVR-2000
011 Sony SAT T-60
101 Philips DSR7000, DSR7000R
110 Sony SVR-3000
121 RCA DVR39
130 TiVo for AT&T / Comcast TCD130040
140 TiVo TCD140060
151 Hughes HDVR2
230 TiVo for AT&T / Comcast TCD230040
240 TiVo TCD240040, TCD24004A, TCD240080, TCD24008A, TCD240140
264 Toshiba SD-H400
275 Pioneer 810H, 57H
301 Philips DSR704, DSR708
321 RCA DVR40, DVR80, DVR120
351 Hughes SD-DVR40, SD-DVR80, SD-DVR120
357 Hughes / DIRECTV HR10-250
381 Samsung SIR-S4040R, SIR-S4080R, SIR-S4120R
540 TiVo TCD540040, TCD540080, TCD540140
565 Toshiba RS-TX20, RS-TX60
590 Humax T800, T2500
595 Humax DRT400, DRT800
648 TiVo TCD648250 Series 3 Standalone High Definition DVR
649 TiVo TCD649080, TCD649180 Dual-Tuner standalone TiVo DVR
652 TiVo TCD652160 HD TiVo
746 TiVo TCD746320; TCD746500 TiVo Premiere (two-tuners)
748 TiVo TCD748000 TiVo Premiere XL (two-tuners)
750 TiVo TCD750500 TiVo Premiere4 (four-tuners)
758 TiVo TiVo Premiere XL4; TiVo Premiere Elite (four-tuners)
846 TiVo Roamio (TCD846500); Roamio OTA (TCD846510, TCD846000)
848 TiVo TCD848000 Roamio Plus
840 TiVo TCD840300 Roamio Pro
849 TiVo Bolt (Various models)
D6E TiVo Edge for Cable
D6F TiVo Edge for Antenna


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