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Loud TiVo Premiere and Roamio Fans

Over the years, several recurring problems have appeared for various models of TiVo DVR. Two specific models have had very loud fans.

TiVo Premiere Fans

TiVo Premiere Fan

All Series4 TiVo Premiere units used the same fan. We aren't sure it there was just a certain batch that was loud, but manu Premiere owners complain about excessive noise from their Premieres. If yours is loud, testing to see if the fan is the source of the noise is very easy. Just take a q-tip or a straightened paper clip and stick it in the fan grates on the back of the unit. If the noise stops, the fan is your culprit. You can buy a replacement TiVo Premiere fan.

TiVo Roamio and Roamio OTA Fans

TiVo Roamio Fan

The smaller Roamio and Roamio OTA have a fan that is fully internal, so you can't run the same test. But this unit is becoming pretty well-known for a loud fan. TiVo used several different versions of fan in this model, and some seem to fail very, very quickly. WeaKnees has sourced the best replacement, and has a video to show how to install it. See the TiVo Roamio fan replacement.

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