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DirecTV DVR R10

Front of the DirecTV DVR R10

Back of the DirecTV DVR R10

Facts about the DirecTV DVR R10:

Manufacturer DirecTV
Approximate Manufacture Dates 2005 - 2006
TiVo Service Number Prefix 521 - What is this?
Original Hard Drive Size 80 GB Western Digital
Hard Drive Format ATA/IDE PATA
Original Recording Capacity Variable, up to 70 Hours
Exterior Dimensions 12.5 x 15 x 3.25 inches

Weight (without cables and remote)

9 pounds (unit only)
Input Connections 2 Satellite
1 RF/Coax (passthrough)
Output Connections 2 Composite (video and L/R audio)
1 S-Video
1 RF/Coax
1 Toslink Digital Optical
Other Ports 1 Phoneline
1 Serial
1 IR
1 Power
Original Remote Series2 Black DirecTV/TiVo Peanut Remote - TiVo Remote Info
Buttons on Faceplate Standard DirecTV 6 and navigation
Fan Size 70 x 70 x 25 mm
Current OS Version 6.3
DirecTV Compatibility Yes, integrated
Dual Tuner Capability Yes
Networking Features No
High Definition No
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General Description of the DirecTV DVR R10:

DirecTV decided to stop having hardware branded by third parties, while still contracting with those same companies to manufacture the equipment. The second result of this change was the DirecTV-branded R10 standard definition DVR. While this unit is not significantly different from the second generation DirecTV DVRs made and branded by Hughes, Philips, Samsung, and RCA, it does have two changes: the power cord is grounded (the only TiVo DVR to date with a grounded power cord) and the unit has a red 'reset' button in the access card door area for clearing satellite tuner problems.

The numbering scheme of this model led many to mistakenly believe that the next model, the R15, was another TiVo DVR, when, in fact, it has a totally different interface than the R10. This has caused a lot of confusion over the years.

The R10 was the last new DirecTV + TiVo DVR to be produced as part of the partnership between the two companies.

Remote Info for the Series2 Black DirecTV/TiVo Peanut Remote:

This is the second generation DirecTV/TiVo remote. This remote will be compatible with all other TiVos that use Peanut-shaped remotes. This has a DirecTV logo on the bottom.

TiVo Remote
Type and Color Series2 Black DirecTV/TiVo Peanut Remote
Number of Buttons 36
DVR 1-2 Switch No
SAT/TV Switch Yes
Compatibility Compatible with all TiVo DVRs which use the Peanut remote. Originally intended for Series2 DirecTV models from Philips, Hughes, Samsung, RCA, and DirecTV.
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