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Sony SVR3000

Front of the Sony SVR3000

Back of the Sony SVR3000

Facts about the Sony SVR3000:

Manufacturer Sony
Approximate Manufacture Dates 2003 - 2005
TiVo Service Number Prefix 110 - What is this?
Original Hard Drive Size 80 GB Quantum QuickView or two 15 GB Quantum QuickViews
Hard Drive Format ATA/IDE PATA
Original Recording Capacity 87 Hours at Basic Quality
Exterior Dimensions 13 x 17 x 3 inches

Weight (without cables and remote)

10 pounds (unit only)
Input Connections 1 Composite (video and L/R audio)
1 S-Video
1 RF/Coax
Output Connections 2 Composite (video and L/R audio)
2 S-Video
1 RF/Coax
Other Ports 1 Phone line
1 Serial
1 IR
1 Power
Original Remote Sony Silver TiVo Remote - TiVo Remote Info
Buttons on Faceplate 6 (including general navigation)
Fan Size 60 x 60 x 25 mm
Current OS Version 9.1
DirecTV Compatibility Yes, with a separate DirecTV Receiver
Dual Tuner Capability No
Networking Features Yes
High Definition No
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General Description of the Sony SVR3000:

The Sony SVR-3000 was the second and final standalone TiVo produced by Sony, and came out around the release time of the TCD240 series.

These units were really the first standalone TiVos to have buttons on the front, plus they used the very different Sony Remote, further differentiating them from the TiVo Series2 units.

These units were designed from the start to handle two drives internally, but Sony and TiVo never released an upgrade for them. They can hold up to two 750 GB drives.

Users of the Sony model are often reluctant to move to different TiVos since they've learned how to use the Sony TiVo remote, which differs significantly in layout from the TiVo peanut remotes.

Remote Info for the Sony Silver TiVo Remote:

This is the Sony remote for non-DirecTV TiVos. It looks almost identical to the remote for Sony DirecTV TiVos, but the two are not compatible with each other at all.

TiVo Remote
Type and Color Sony Silver TiVo Remote
Number of Buttons 37
DVR 1-2 Switch No
SAT/TV Switch No
Compatibility Compatible with two Sony TiVo DVRs: the SVR-2000 and the SVR-3000.
Order a Replacement Sorry. These remotes are no longer available.
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